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WordPress is now the most popular content management system in the world, used by 42% of the world’s CMS-based websites. Choose WordPress – you’ll be in good company…

What is WordPress?

WordPress - it's easy!

WordPress – it’s easy!

WordPress is a free content management system (CMS) – simply put, this gives you total control of your website’s content.

WordPress websites allow you to add pages, news items, pictures, case studies, special offers – whatever you need your website to do. And you can do this from any PC or Mac (or tablet, or smartphone) with ease. So, once you’re up and running, there are no on-going maintenance or development costs. You can manage your website yourself.

WordPress is now THE most popular CMS on the web (42% of all CMS-based sites now use it). It’s easy to use, flexible, packed with features and the best part is, it’ll grow with your business as there’s a plug-in for just about anything.

Plugins make it easy to expand your site with new functionality. If you decide you need a customer forum, an event management system, or an online shop it’s just a case of finding the best plugin for the job and installing it on your site. A few tweaks, and you’re up and running.

With a huge developer-base making new plugins daily, the potential is limitless. And the fact that all this development work is 3rd-party, and for the most part, free, means that your website can be put together quickly and inexpensively.

A website for all budgets?

WordPress is flexible enough to cater for all shapes and sizes of business. It’s used by multinationals like Sony and VW, governments (UK Government’s No.10 website) and local community groups and charities.

I am delighted that everything has run so smoothly, that we’ve managed to deliver a functional modernised website at such a low cost and in such a short timeframe, and I would NOT HESITATE to recommend the services of 45b

Depending on your budget, two approaches can be taken. Both options still give you a fully functional WordPress website that can grow and develop with your business.

The first option you should consider is a fully-bespoke design and build. This ensures you get exactly the website you want – the design will be exclusive to your business and WordPress will be tailored to cater specifically to your needs, making updating the website as simple as possible.

However, if you’re on a very tight budget, a reasonable alternative would be to purchase an “off the shelf” theme and tailor this to meet your needs. The advantage to you is that the design and development costs are removed, all that’s required is the installation, setup and customisation of the theme.

Some developers may argue “oh but your site will be the same as many others” – this isn’t strictly true, most themes can be tweaked and customised heavily, meaning your site will still look unique. And the money you save may well make up for any concerns you have about lack of “uniqueness”.

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